Lab Moments

Outreach activities

We share the joy of science! 

Our in-house surgeon :P

Neurons everywhere! ;)

The sky here is as colorful as our dreams... 

We also hang out (just outside the lab)!

Stargazing into the hippocampus

Secret Santa revelations!

We love clean-ups in the lab! :/

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award celebrations

The beautiful seaface of TIFR ft. Mumbai skyline!

Making students happy is among Vidita's many special talents!

One of the very first cohorts of the Hutment

Oh how much Vidita loves cleaning up!

Homo sapiens of Hutment in their natural habitat

Lab trip to Khandala

Sometimes we are in mood for a random photoshoot!

Collaborative team at work

GFP-tagged hippocampal neurons

Spectacular sunset as seen from the seaface

Happy Faces :)

'Chai and Why?' on the therapeutic potential of psychedelics

Da rat whisperer!

The rat Warhol series

Picture credits: Pragati Madhogarhia (Infosys Science Foundation)

The Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z

This is how we roll :)

Hmm, this is a long story :p

We love eating each other's brains when not working :P